Meet Zee Rubin


Zee Rubin is a photographer from Connecticut who specializes in creative portraiture, personal branding, headshots, weddings, and event photography.

Zee approaches their work with a humanistic and lighthearted mindset that keeps subjects and clients relaxed. Despite the laid-back approach, Zee is meticulous with details and takes the time to get the images just right. Stylistically, Zee embraces minimalism that emphasizes faces accentuated by soft light and vibrant color.

When Zee isn't tied to their computer editing images, they are caring for their numerous house plants, pretending to be a professional chef, attempting to be funny, and scouring the internet for new music and creative inspiration.

A Self Portrait

Photographs are a service to your personal joy. They are visual celebrations of the moments you always want to remember. They are portraits of your truth. They are explorations of your identity. But they begin with a dialogue between the photographer and your heart. Zee Rubin's primary focus as a photographer is to get to know you—to develop an understanding of who you are, what you love, and how you want to be represented in the world. They are working with you. Zee wants to see you exactly as you are, for who you are, and they want to capture a piece of your magic. They want to show you the most beautiful photo you’ve ever seen of yourself, your loved ones, the moments in your life; they want you to see what you care about in images you can hold and share.

-Audrey Gidman, Writer, R.M.T, and Friend